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the challenge of the century: keep the world in mind

--Anchorage Daily News, September 27, 2004


Multicultural lives--2014


presentations, workshops, training, retreats, residencies, facilitation...

living an honorable life--be yourself: everyone else is taken

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The Future is Gaining on Us, Multi-unity in community, Being a Citizen of the World--the Big Picture, Diversity for the Rest of Your Life


Sample of work--

staff training & development
guest teacher
future of diversity/the Tao of diversity
strategic thinking


Diversity in 3D

"King & I" -- programs about Martin Luther King's life...and mine

Segregation Then & Now--Our Apartheid System

Intermarriage and Mixed Blood--the Last 150,000 Years

Who's a Minority?--the new diversity: multicultural, intercultural, cross-cultural, pancultural, hypercultural...


My 2005 book, More Diversity, Many Diversities, is available by request as an electronic book.

I wr0te a column for College Services (NACAS.org) --received 2003 & 2004 prize for commentary

Most organizations are set up to have things (issues, information, people, processes) fall between the cracks-- that's where I come in

FYI: Half the population of the USA is under 36, half is over 36

USA is less than 5% of world population

I'm speaking on "Multicultural Lives" & "How to Think Like a Futurist"

I taught the first college course on "Men's Lives" and the first college course on "Earth Ethics" in the U.S.

Personal & Professional Growth After 60--more than 1 billion people will be over 60 by 2025

What people say about my work

My 2005 eBook has five years of my writing:
"More Diversity, Many Diversities"
(you need to have Adobe Reader)

Get my handbook, How Diversity Works

September 11 and After
Yes, I'm the Hal of the Halcolm stories
in Michael Quinn Patton's books (!)...
Root Shock by Mindy Thompson Fullilove
Plan B by Lester R. Brown
Penguin State of the World Atlas, Dan Smith
Another World is Possible If..., Susan George
Massive Change by Bruce Mau, Phaidon
50 Facts That Should Change the World, Jessica Williams
Heaven's Fractal Net by William J. Johnson
Moral Politics by George Lakoff (2nd edition)
The Nature of Order by Christopher Alexander


Be Your Own Consultant

Ethical Tune-Up
Ethics Everywhere -- a list of links

The White Male Minority 

Demographics to 2050

My "Thirteen Days" 

Diversity is Still Unfinished Business 

Article on Census 2000 

The Future of Diversity and the Work 
Ahead of Us -- keynote talk


Treat yourself to my program, 
"Columbus Daze--America's Origin Myth" &
see my Columbus Links Collection

I am available to speak to your group:
performance, presentations, keynote, kick-off,
retreat, institute, forum, conference, symposium,

Diversity Links to other sites. 
Save yourself days of searching! 

We ignore Native Americans.  
"Diversity's Haunted House

Hate Crimes --American as the Fourth of July

Advice about Hiring the Right Person 

When you do Diversity Work, what do you think
 you're doing? Multiple choice

Is Diversity Management just good management?
Not really 

Review of Workforce 2020

Experiential education and diversity

Texaco ate some jelly beans in 1994 and got 
a $176 million stomach ache in 1996 

A quick worksheet on your group's 
interest in working on diversity

A basic incredible fact sheet -- not my opinions

World population is more than 6 billion

Recommended reading

Work smarter -- here's how 

Going to Russia

What I do -- issues that concern me 

Short biographical notes

My resume/C.V. -- long version

Some clients I have worked with 


There are more than 140 pages on this site and about 300 links: Enjoy your visit.


"America isn't easy. America is advanced citizenship.

You've gotta want it bad, 'cause it's gonna put up a fight."

(Aaron Sorkin, "The American President")


"Unity is plural and at minimum two."

"Love is omni-inclusive"

(Buckminster Fuller)


"our life is more than our work and our work is more than our job"

(Charlie King)


"I hope for nothing. I fear nothing. I am free."

(Nikos Kazantzakis tombstone, Crete)


We have started a project to support blind people in Russia in the spirit of Svetlana's father, MN Adamov, 1920-2005....assistance is welcome--www.mnadamovfund.org

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